WELCOME to American Monk web design & development. I provide a variety of web and print services at competitive prices to help create or improve your company's web presence.

This Site...

...is currently being re-vamped. I'm changing the way I do business and the way I present my talents. Please bear with me while I slowly turn my previous work into reusable widgets. They will be presented as they are completed.

Until then, read the F.A.Q. and jot a note for me if you still have any questions or need a quote.


I utilize the latest web technologies to create positive user experiences across a variety of devices. Proficiencies include:

  • CMS & SEO
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript & AJAX
  • PHP & MySQL
  • WordPress
  • turn-key widgets
  • mobile sites
  • customized anything

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Form & Function

American Monk believes that Life is about balance, and websites are no different.

American Monk combines your website necessities with two parts customizable structure, two parts beauty, and one part bling to insure that every user intuitively enjoys your products and information.